The Pulse Labs automotive platform provides a breadth and depth of driver behavioral data unique to the market. The platform acquires data through cameras configured at key vantage points within the automotive cabin, augmenting this data with cameras that capture the environment outside the car and telematics data from the car itself.

The data sources that Pulse Labs accumulate are combined and analyzed using proprietary machine learning models that identify and classify activities of interest. This removes the need for people to review potentially thousands of hours of video from multiple sources, facilitating a level of scale and consistency previously unavailable. With Pulse Labs, automotive researchers and product managers get the insights they need to make decisions and improvements without wasting time.

The EV Report recently sat down with Mike Dovorany, Vice President of Strategy for the organization, to discuss how his company helps automakers and suppliers learn more about driving habits and how owners use their electric vehicles in everyday situations.

About Pulse Labs

Pulse Labs stemmed from the founding minds of a former Goldman Sachs VP and the former Overstock.com Data Science Director in 2017. Since then, the team has expanded to two offices with international employees across the globe. Having executed studies for over 150 brands, we’ve become a key part of product development for widely recognized brands and Fortune 500 companies. We know there’s a difference between saying a product is customer-centric and actually being customer-centric.

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