Interview with John Thomas, COO of Autel Energy U.S.

John Thomas, a 30-year automotive veteran and EV driver, leads Autel Energy as COO with a passion for advancing technical solutions that elevate the industry and support clean vehicle and EV adoption. His goal is to improve the planet’s sustainability through his efforts, which include enhancing the driver experience, supporting community health initiatives, and reducing carbon emissions. Under his leadership, Autel Energy is working to power the planet by connecting vehicles and energy ecosystems through cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and big data applications. The company offers a comprehensive line of cloud-connected, high-quality EV chargers and world-class customer service.

The EV Report recently sat down with Thomas to learn more about Autel and the suite of EV chargers the company has and will bring to the market.

What can you tell us about Autel?

Autel started in the automotive diagnostic business. So for the last 18 years, we’ve basically been developing and designing high-quality diagnostic tools which are used today in about 500,000 automotive repair shops across the globe.

Autel is active in about 70 countries worldwide, but many have not heard of us because we’re a B2B company. In the past, we focus on independent shops, large automotive networks, and similar industries. The cool thing about Autel was that when we decided to get in the EV business if you look at all the other EV companies, they’re traditionally like software companies or cloud companies, or maybe a hardware company or two.

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